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Lifelong Learning Programme – Comenius Region Cooperation


Supporters of the project

About the project

The local authority of Orosháza successfully competed for the Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius Region Partnership at Tempus Public Foundation. The aim of this programme is to support the cooperation and exchange of experiences between the regional and local educational authorities.

It seemed necessary to establish those institutionalized conditions of the pedagogic knowledge transfer which serve the accepting innovations coming from outside the region and the transmission of them and the ones coming from the region towards in and out of borders.

The partner of Orosháza is County Cavan Vocational Education Committee from Ireland and its institutions. The main area of the project is to develop ICT teaching. Ireland does not have a formal ICT curriculum which is in conformity with other subject areas whereas Hungary has a developed curriculum at both Primary and Post Primary Levels. In recent times, Co Cavan VEC has been to the forefront of ICT initiative in terms of teaching methodologies and the development of hosted software services. This project covers the above mentioned areas.

In the frame of this programme we can support the study trips of experts, welcome the Irish colleagues and purchase new devices. From Orosháza the work of the local authority is helped by Táncsics Mihály Public Institute ant Talent Centre Seat and Vörösmarty Mihály Member Institutions and Justh Zsigmond Local Library. During the previous period these institutions got a lot of experiences in planning and realizing different projects and in quality insurance. In this international programme another aim is to share the best experiences. This project provides with an opportunity to advance this on-going ICT development through mutual sharing of ICT curricula, teaching methodologies, technical supports and software appliances.

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